30 03 2009



Album Art

20 03 2009

Marilyn Manson- Mechanical Animals

Led Zeppelin- Houses of the HolyBlink 182- Enema of the StateRolling Stones- Sticky FingersNirvana- NevermindBen Arthur- Edible Darling

25 02 2009

Gecko with patternladybug-with-patternsneakerwith-pattern

Objects filled in

25 02 2009

geckoSneaker filled inladybug-with-color1

Illustrator Traced Objects

25 02 2009

Retro Backgrounds

18 02 2009

Daniel Canogar – Horror Vacui, 1999

18 02 2009


“A New View of Spanish Photography and Video Art.” http://www.nuevashistorias.com 2008. 18 February 2009.<http://nuevashistorias.com/index/intro/canogar/&gt;.

This site takes a look at spanish photography and video art. With each artist uncovered on this site, you learn a bit about who they are. Daniel Canogar, one of the listed, has been working with the body for artwork for over twenty years. His most important goal was to change the photograph from a hanging framed photo to an installation in need for spectating. This site explains what Canogar is aiming for and how he accomplishes it. Read the rest of this entry »